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Rockaway based environmental artist and educator Heather Kramer has been using the out-of-doors as a classroom and a place of inspiration for over ten years, believing there is a firm connection between science and art. Finding relevance in the patterns and cycles that nature presents, she emphasizes these foundations through hands-on, art-based learning opportunities both for herself and students of all ages. She works to create educational pieces that connect the local community of the Jamaica Bay ecosystem.


In an urban environment where nature can seem scarce, her interactive pieces help to remind young and old alike that the natural world is all around us and has much to offer.

Valentina Gallup

Valentina Gallup is a Rockaway based artist and painter who helps others find the magic in reality by creating new ways to see the everyday object.  Her representational paintings often leave people traveling between the fantastic and the tangible. She is inspired by everything and consequently inspires those around her.  She used all of these skills in the creation of this book.

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